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Hocking College - Tuition and Fees | Piggy bank broken with money inside on white backgroundTraditionally, enrolling in college meant that students would be expected to pay one price for their tuition, and then a bunch of other fees for their books, course materials, equipment, etc. In 2019, Hocking College stepped up to offer financially-challenged students a straight forward alternative way to pay for college in the form of their new all-inclusive course fee model.

All-inclusive is defined as, "including everything." At Hocking College, that means that our programs and certificates have a price listed on our website that includes everything. What does this mean for students? It means no surprises, no hidden fees, and (most importantly) no fine print.

For specific pricing by program, please refer to the individual program pages which can be found here.

  • All tuition and course fees
  • $300 Learning Fee (Covers textbooks and tools of the trade)
  • $20 Health Center Services
  • $75 Career Center Services
  • $53 parking pass
  • $275 Smart Start program for new students
  • Housing and meal plans

If you only require a few courses to complete your degree, Hocking College charges $193 per credit hour.

Students who are enrolled in 12-16 credit hours are billed at a full-time student in state tuition rate of $2,315. Out of state Tuition rate for Full time is $4,630.

Hocking College's tuition costs per credit hour are included in the all-inclusive price model. The table below breaks down those costs based on the number of credit hours a student takes in a semester.

Pre Credit Instructional Fee General Fee Total
1 $164 $29 $193
2 $328 $58 $386
3 $492 $87 $579
4 $656 $116 $772
5 $820 $145 $965


$174 $1,158
7 $1,148 $203 $1,351
8 $1,312 $232 $1,544
9 $1,476 $261 $1,737
10 $1,640 $290 $1,930
11 $1,804 $319 $2,123
12-16 $1,968 $347 $2,316






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